Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers were first conceived of almost a century ago and were introduced into dentistry in 1989. It is now possible to treat many soft tissue conditions that present as challenges in orthodontics and can impact the overall aesthetic outcome and to treat these more easily.

The diode soft-tissue laser is a highly effective and predictable device for simple recontouring of gum tissue requiring only topical anesthetic gel.

How the Procedure Works

Energy from a “tissue-specific” laser creates a photothermal reaction, making it possible to “paint away” targeted soft tissue in a controlled and focused manner without unwanted side effects on surrounding teeth. This is especially helpful in cases where a tooth comes in slowly or in the wrong place, or in cases where there is excess gum tissue covering the teeth.

As of 2008, Dr. Honey is certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. The use of the laser during orthodontics decreases the time in braces and makes treatment more predictable and efficient.

Here is an example of a patient where uncovering the erupting canine has significantly decreased treatment time: