A TAD is a device fixed to bone specifically for the purpose of providing orthodontic anchorage and is removed at the completion of treatment. It is used to provide an anchorage point where tooth anchorage is normally not available.

Orthodontics with TADs can provide a more ideal finish, allow predictable tooth movement in preparation for a bridge, crown or implant and reduce the need for rubber band wear. In conventional orthodontic treatment, there are often unwanted tooth movements that occur when certain movements are attempted. TADs allow us to move only the teeth that we want to and thus help to not only shorten treatment but also accomplish goals that are not achievable with regular braces.

Dr. Honey is trained in the placement of TADs as well as the management of orthodontic cases involving these stabilizers. We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting technology and feel confident that our patients will have a comfortable experience and be impressed with the results.