Can My Bite Change?

As we go through life, we are in a constant state of change. We age each year, and with that, it is totally normal for our bodies to change too. This includes your teeth as well. Just as the seasons change, you can expect your teeth and bite to change over time. Continue reading for some advice from Dr. Oana Honey at Honey Orthodontics about how your bite can change over time.

Teeth are set in bone. Bone is a living tissue, thus it is in a constant state of change. Bone cells are broken down and rebuilt overtime. For bone in the jaws, this is caused by biting, chewing, swallowing and speaking. These actions place force on the teeth which can cause the bones to move and shift. Fortunately, it is a malleability of bones that allows orthodontic treatment to be possible and effective. 

Have you noticed a change in your bite? If so, don’t fret, as this is very normal. However, if you have noticed a change, the best place to start is with an orthodontist. Orthodontist’s receive highly specialized training and education in correcting changing bites. They can examine you and help you find the best course of action to treat your changed bite. If your bite is changing, be sure to contact an orthodontist as soon as possible. You can schedule an appointment by contacting our office.