Contouring and Reshaping Teeth

Wondering if tooth reshaping and/or contouring is the right option for you? Read on to find out what it’s all about. Teeth reshaping is one of the most convenient and cost-effective options for fixing chipped, uneven, or poorly aligned teeth to create a more attractive smile. Dentists may combine shaping or contouring teeth with a treatment called bonding. Bonding involves applying resin to improve the overall appearance of the teeth. The best teeth to perform this kind of procedure on are typically the front teeth. For more advice about tooth contouring and reshaping from Dr. Oana Honey at Honey Orthodontics, keep reading.

Tooth reshaping removes small amounts of tooth enamel in order to change the shape, length, or surface of one or more teeth. This cosmetic dentistry technique is usually used to correct crooked, chipped, cracked, or even overlapping teeth. Sometimes this procedure is even a substitute for braces.

In tooth contouring, a dentist gently removes tooth enamel with a laser or drill. However, before this treatment can begin, the dentist must X-ray the teeth to evaluate the size and location of the pulp of each tooth to ensure that there’s enough bone between the teeth to support them. Next, they trim misshapen areas, shortening excessively long teeth or altering badly-shaped teeth to even them out for proper bite and alignment.

Tooth contouring and reshaping may not be the right answer for everyone; thus, it is crucial that you discuss these procedures with your cosmetic dentist first! There are also certain criteria you must meet, including having normal, healthy teeth. This is because teeth may become weaker if large amounts of enamel are removed. However, if you meet the expectations for those procedures, and if you want your teeth to be free of chips and fractures, appear less crowded, and have decreased overlaps, or to be without pits or grooves in the enamel, tooth contouring and/or reshaping may be the right answer for you! If you have any questions, please contact our office.