Flex Account Can Make Someone Smile

Flex Spending Account  Gurnee ILWow! We are already in November of 2017. Only two months to go before the end of the year! For those families who have FSA (Flexible Accounts), now is the time to apply for your 2018 funding during open enrollment or to ensure you have spent all your allocated funds for 2017.

If you are funding your FSA for 2018, to save you time, the limit for next year’s allocation is $2650. We will not bore you with the details but if you would like more information on eligibility, visit the FSA Store website. According to the IRS, FSA plans can only be sponsored by employers and eligibility rules are set by each plan so it is important to check with them to determine the final filling dates for your plan, if available at your place of work.

With that being said, should you anticipate that you or someone in the family will need orthodontics in 2018, why not give yourself or another loved one the treasured gift of straight teeth and a gorgeous smile? Now that is definitely a gift that is personal and can last a lifetime.

Here at Honey Orthodontics with offices in Gurnee IL, we offer the highest level of orthodontic treatment options and technology available today, including Invisalign, the “braceless” alternative to straight teeth. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary smile exam to determine your personalized orthodontic needs and fees association for submission in 2018. Get that beautiful smile for yourself or someone you love. Time is running out so… Don’t forget to FLEX!