Tips for Protecting Your Retainers

Are you ready to flaunt your new, straightened teeth? Congratulations, you made it! But, before you say goodbye to braces, make sure to wear your retainers to maintain your perfect smile.

Wearing retainers not only means keeping them close by while you sleep or wearing them for the number of hours prescribed by your orthodontist, but it also means protecting them when they’re out of your mouth. Once you leave the orthodontist’s office, the world becomes your retainers’ playground.

Your family pet might decide to use it as a chew toy, and the garbage could grab hold of it if you threw it away in a napkin after eating. Younger siblings or children could use it as a frisbee or even try to put it in their mouth. The couch could also swallow it in its comfy creases, and pockets love to spit them out when not protected in their case.

Crucial Retainer Care Tips You Can’t Ignore

Dr. Oana Honey at Honey Orthodontics and our team understand the importance of protecting your retainers, and here are some tried and true tips to keep them safe. Use the case that came with your retainer to store it when not in use. The case acts as a protective shell that prevents damage, dirt, and germs from hitching a ride into your mouth. Also, the brightly colored case makes it easier to locate.

Never wrap your retainer in a napkin while eating. It’s easy to mistake it for trash and throw it away. When cleaning your retainer, remember that it’s made of plastic. Boiling it to sterilize can distort the plastic and require replacement. Remove retainers before swimming to avoid losing them in water bodies. Don’t leave unprotected retainers on counters, couches, end tables, or in cars, where they are “easy pickings” for pets and small children.

Retainers are essential to maintaining your straightened teeth. They ensure your teeth stay in their final position after the braces move them along a predetermined path with the wire. If you lose or damage your retainer, contact our office immediately to replace them. Remember, maintaining your smile for a lifetime depends on it!